EZ Eyes Glow in the Dark Keyboard

EZ Eyes Glow in the Dark Keyboard: Unbelievable

I was watching one of my favorite TV shows when I saw an ad for the EZ Eyes glow in the dark keyboard. I instantly thought, “That is exactly what I and Kathy need!” Being 78 years old makes everything harder to do. Especially seeing the keys on my computer keyboard.

Click here to see the EZ Eyes Glow In The Dark keyboard up close.

My children were so kind and bought me a beautiful computer so I can keep in touch with them using e-mail. They even spent the extra money to get a big screen so I can see what is on the screen easier. I love the computer and I do e-mail my children, grand-children and great grand kids too. But trying to type on the keyboard that came with the computer is really hard because I can’t always tell which keys to hit. The EZ Eyes glow in the dark keyboard would really help.

I didn’t think that I really need a glow in the dark computer keyboard. But having the letters so large with a yellow background on the keys is perfect for me.

What I had not thought about, until my grandson mentioned it to me, is how useful the EZ Eyes Glow in the dark keyboard could be for college students who have to be up late at night working on reports and homework but don’t want to disturb roommates by having the light on. Of course he also mentioned that it is, as he said, “Awesome for gaming! Especially for notebook computers”.

I really feel that the EZ Eyes glow in the dark keyboard is perfect for so many people. Both the young and not so young. And with the buy one get one free offer plus the free mouse it is a deal that just can’t be beat. As long as they are still making the offer.

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