EZ Eyes Keyboard Reviews

EZ Eyes Keyboard Reviews: The Truth About EZ Eyes

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I’m so excited! I could hardly wait to write my EZ Eyes keyboard reviews to let everyone know how fun this new keyboard is. It is truly amazing.

At my age you just learn to live without doing somethings that you use to be able to do with no problem. For me it is my eye sight. When I was younger I had great vision but now that I’m in my seventies I just don’t see as well as I use to. That made it really hard for me to use my computer. It was down right frustrating. But with the EZ Eyes computer keyboard it is like getting super vision. I can’t believe how the letters on the keyboard just pop out and are so easy to see. I was completely shocked at how much faster and how much more enjoyable it is to work on my computer now.

I don’t trust everything I see on TV now a days. But as soon as I saw the EZ Eyes keyboard commercial I knew that was exactly what I needed. My sister Kathy is a few years younger than me but she also struggles seeing the computer keys. She use to be a secretary and could type very fast. She never had to look directly at the keys. Because she could see the keys while she looked at the computer screen. But because her eye sight has deteriorated too she has to look closer at the keys when she types.

One thing I have noticed with the both of us is we were much slower using the computer because we were having to strain and look directly at the keys while we were typing because we couldn’t see the keys out of the corner of our eyes because the letters were too small to recognize. Now with the bright yellow keys and large letters on the EZ Eyes keyboard using the computer is fun again. Our typing speed and ease at which we type has greatly improved. This keyboard is a godsend! You have to see it to believe the difference.

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I use to only be able to work on my computer for a few minutes at a time because I would get awful headaches from eye strain. That really frustrated me because I use my computer ot keep in touch with my children and grad children. I get at least one e-mail a day from one of my kids or grad kids. It is a real treat. I love to write back but it really took a long time because I couldn’t write a complete reply without having to take a break and rest my eyes. Now with the EZ Eyes keyboard I can write an entire e-mail with no eye strain.

I have also found that I type much faster so I can get more done in less time on the computer with using the EZ Eyes keyboard.

I hadn’t thought about it until my sisters great grand son was visiting and he saw my new EZ Eyes keyboard and could easily recognize the big letters and was typing away in no time. His mother mentioned that she had never seen him so comfortable using a computer as he was when he was using my computer with my new EZ Eyes keyboard. Because the keyboard is water proof I wasn’t afraid of him spilling his drink or me spilling mine by mistake when working on the computer. Just having the EZ Eyes keyboard with its big letters, bright keys and being water proof really makes using the computer so much more stress free. I really, truly love it.

When I got my EZ Eyes keyboard there was a special two for one offer. And they also included two really easy to use mice that fit perfectly in my hand. Because of my arthritis I have tried several mice but they all hurt to use. The mice that came with the EZ Eyes keyboard is so comfortable I couldn’t believe they were giving them away free with the keyboard. The $14.99 I spent on the keyboard was worth it just to get the mouse!

If you find that using the computer is becoming more and more frustrating and that you are making more and more typing mistakes I highly recommend the EZ Eyes keyboard. It just plugs into any computer, MAC or PC. There is no special software or cables. Just unplug your old keyboard and plug in the EZ Eyes keyboard. It couldn’t be any easier.

I forgot to mention I have a PC laptop so I can take my computer with me when I go visit my children during the summer. The EZ Eyes keyboard is so much easier to use than the laptop keyboard I can’t even tell you. It is wonderful.

I hope when you read these EZ Eyes keyboard reviews that they are still running the buy one get one free offer because it is a wonderful deal. I gave my second keyboard and mouse to my sister, who, as I mentioned earlier, just loves it. One thing that I really like is it has a three month, 90 day, money back 100% satisfaction guarantee. I had plenty of time to try it out, with no pressure and decide if I like it or not. I knew in just seconds I loved it! I hope you do too.

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EZ Eyes Keyboard Amazon

EZ Eyes Keyboard on Amazon: Nice But Expensive

One of the first places I like to go to find new products is to Amazon. That is why I checked to see if the EZ Eyes keyboard is on Amazon. It isn’t, but you can get a great price by getting it directly from the manufacturer.

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EZ Eyes Glow in the Dark Keyboard

EZ Eyes Glow in the Dark Keyboard: Unbelievable

I was watching one of my favorite TV shows when I saw an ad for the EZ Eyes glow in the dark keyboard. I instantly thought, “That is exactly what I and Kathy need!” Being 78 years old makes everything harder to do. Especially seeing the keys on my computer keyboard.

Click here to see the EZ Eyes Glow In The Dark keyboard up close.

My children were so kind and bought me a beautiful computer so I can keep in touch with them using e-mail. They even spent the extra money to get a big screen so I can see what is on the screen easier. I love the computer and I do e-mail my children, grand-children and great grand kids too. But trying to type on the keyboard that came with the computer is really hard because I can’t always tell which keys to hit. The EZ Eyes glow in the dark keyboard would really help.

I didn’t think that I really need a glow in the dark computer keyboard. But having the letters so large with a yellow background on the keys is perfect for me.

What I had not thought about, until my grandson mentioned it to me, is how useful the EZ Eyes Glow in the dark keyboard could be for college students who have to be up late at night working on reports and homework but don’t want to disturb roommates by having the light on. Of course he also mentioned that it is, as he said, “Awesome for gaming! Especially for notebook computers”.

I really feel that the EZ Eyes glow in the dark keyboard is perfect for so many people. Both the young and not so young. And with the buy one get one free offer plus the free mouse it is a deal that just can’t be beat. As long as they are still making the offer.

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